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Things I was going to do in Prague

1. Finish my novel. I mean, this is straight Moveable Feast sh*t!.......Girl up and moves to continent #3 to get some literary inspiration, rents a chilly, unfurnished apartment with a gorgeous view of the crumbling architecture, spends the pittance she earns on cheap wine to keep herself warm....After all, Prague is the new Paris of the Lost Generation, one hundred years later! (haven't you heard?) I need to find my flock of writers and artists. Where's my Gertrude Stein?

2. Learn how to use my fabulous new Canon SLR T3i. There is a photography class in Prague I want to take, but it won't fit with my nighttime teaching schedule. There is an endless supply of fascinating things to photograph. And yet, the beautiful Christmas present sits in the corner of my room, lonely. Teeming with unfulfilled potential.

3. See the sights. The castles! The cathedrals! The museums! But this requires time. In fact, all these things require time.  And time is one thing that's in short supply around here.

It's my own fault really. I was warned against working too many hours. My TEFL teachers told me that 25 hours was a full time schedule--what with the enormous amount of (unpaid!!) lesson planning hours I will spend just preparing to stand in front of a class. But I didn't listen. I went and got 2 jobs, for a total of 36-38 teaching hours a week. I barely have time to commute from class to class. I spend my weekends and late nights lesson planning. Anyone who thinks teachers are overpaid because "school gets out at three!" or whatever, needs to just simmer down and try it for one week. It is intense and it requires an enormous amount of preparation, done on one's own time.

It's Sunday morning and I'm about to spend my day lesson planning. If there is any time at the end. I might try to finish the book I began reading two months ago. 

I know, I know, waaah, poor me.

On the positive side, this is the view from my office/guest bedroom window. Pretty nifty, eh? And somehow I miraculously found the 2 hours it took to figure out how to animate this sucker....I feel some prose coming on....

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Reader Comments (2)

I read that as "I feel some praise coming on." I love reading your entries, you're a fantastic writer :)

February 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDrew

Aw thanks Drew! And it's true, we really do miss you around here. ; )

February 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJen

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