European Appliances
Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 02:10PM
J. Preston

This is my European refridgerator.


It reminds me of something my father would have had in the pool house for beer. That and the metal clothes rack are the only pieces of furniture that came in this apartment when I moved in.  We since have purchased a washing machine (they don't do dryers here), but for some reason, have gone frugal on the fridge.

One reason is that eating out is our luxury. I'm embarrassed to say that we eat out about 4 times a week. When we are busy, that number rises to 5-6. Dining out is incredibly cheap here, and there are an endless array of eating establishments. I think about our lives in Spokane and how my dinner preparations began at 3pm. I would walk to Huckleberry's Market with a list of obscure ingredients (Galangal ginger! Tempeh! Rice wine vinegar! Sunchokes!) that probably cost much more than dining out at Spokane's finenst. I'd set up the ingredients and appliances (the counter space!) put on a good movie on the lap top, and set to work. By the time John got home from work (kisses at the door like a good TV wife) the pots and pans would be clean, dinner ready to be served. It was eaten in an exhausted 20 minutes on the living room table, second helpings, always welcome, an additional 5 minutes. John Stewart, Colbert, the Office, and then bed. It seems so rote now, but I really did enjoy the ritual.

Now we eat at restaurants, take longer to enjoy conversation. We've started to cook a little more. Like this roast chicken, or this to-die for mushroom soup. I'm not gonna lie, there are quite a few frozen pizza nights here in the Preston-Toman household. But when we do get up to cooking, it's a mutual effort, John often taking the lead. It's an abrupt turn-around.

I keep saying that on some occaision, some milestone, we'll upgrade to a bigger fridge. One where I don't have to get on my knees to find the mustard. But this one seems to be fine for now. Besides, it's summer. No one eats at home in Prague during the summer.

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