PLACES (of the earth & mind)

Okay, so John may have the best law job ever. Get a look at this gorgeous photo. See that white building closest to the camera? Yep, that's where he works. It's about 1.5 miles from where we live (read: 5 minute commute). His office window looks out over a golf course (noon tee time, anyone?). Every Friday, one of his job requirements is to play Ultimate Football on the lawn by his building. People he doesn't even know salute him on sight. He works everyday to maintain the integrity of our armed services. Oh yeah, I'm drinking the kool-aid, and it tastes niiiice.


There are only about 10 television channels in English here. There are lots of syndicated sitcoms and the occasional good chick flick. My favorite parts about these channels are the Military TV commercials peppered throughout. John and I like to make fun of the many ridiculous topics they cover, the kind of basic stuff you'd see on Sesame Street, like "When you work out, be sure to drink lot's of water." Good thing I went to a Montessori Pre-K where we were well versed in topics of hydration. There’s lots of animation, CG and impressive acting….your tax dollars at work.

Although, upon reexamination, (and smugness aside) perhaps those 30 second sound bites of wisdom have value for even the most urbane city folk. Some of whom are my nearest and dearest.

For Example:

"Coffee and Cigarettes don't make a balanced diet, DON’T SKIP MEALS"....Vic

"I will stand up against wrongdoing and abuse in the workplace"...Camilla

"Fad diets, like calorie-counting forks (seriously?), don't work. Eat sensible meals"... Mom

"When in foreign lands, you are subject to both US laws, and the laws of your host nation, so respect both."....John Golden

"Never shake a baby"...Lu

“Don’t beat your family members.”…well that one’s and important message for all of us, isn’t it?


This is a map of Miyagi Chatan Cho, where we live. We are actually situated next door to The Beach Hotel, indicated in the photo. There are no street names here, and streets don't run in a is more like a rat's maze, which is great fun to navigate when you're brand new to the island!


I rode my bicycle down to "American Village" which looks like a cross between the Jersey Shore and Third Street Promenade, complete with tchocky boutiques, food court and supersized ferris wheel. There's a large department store-style place called Jusco that carries eveything from food, pets, electronics, furniture, beauty-supply and the latest fashion. Shopping for necessities provides a difficult task as you are left to rely on what you THINK a shampoo bottle should look opposed to a conditioner bottle, hair gel, hair serum, body lotion, etc. Often, not a word on the label is in english, but rather in Kanji. Or it may have one word with actual roman characters saying something like "Super Shiny!" which again, begs the this shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, hair serum, or body lotion???? One American woman in the supermarket asked me if the small package she had in her hand was tofu, and we spent a considerable amount of time examining it in order to discover that there was absolutely no way to know for sure.

Oh and Jusco has a bakery section which has AMAZING french bread, pizzas, croissants, apple crisps...anything made with dough. Crusty, buttery, scrumptious. Vic, I think it's time to buy your plane ticket.


Sumeba Miyako

Welcome to my blog friends, family and random internet daytrippers. "Sumeba Miyako", the perhaps temporary title of my blog, is a Japanese idiom meaning "Wherever one lives, one comes to love it." Through the process of sharing my experience in Okinawa with you, I hope to uncover beauty in the details. By photographing and documenting all that is different about this place, I can stop myself from clinging to searching for what is the same as what I know. Thanks for viewing, and perhaps this blog can inspire a visit! Love, Jenny

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