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Prague Zombies!!

Something strange was happening on the streets of Prague 1 yesterday....

It started early in the morning, while I was on my friend David's tour of the Jewish Quarter. I'd see an armless zombie here, an ambulatory corpse there....

I didn't take much notice. I mean, this is's not unusual to see the ghost of Franz Kafka walking around town on the shoulders of a head-less suit or giant black babies crawling up city towers.

It wasn't until I got home that afternoon and John said "Hurry up get dressed, we're going to miss the Zombies!" Ah, yes. I'd heard tell of the Prague Zombie Walk. So I grabbed my camera and headed for the river. 

Never a people to discriminate against canines, the Praguers made sure the festivities were not limited to human corpses.

Over 750 Zombies showed up this year, though I'm sure it was hard to get an accurate headcount, what with all the severed ones.....